Nerdware Documents

Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL The classic DATAMATION article.
Real Programmers Don't Eat Quiche More macho fun
Write In C Sung to the tune of...
A C++ joke More of an apocryphal anecdote really
The Evolution of a Programmer As demonstrated by the "Hello, World" program
What Operating Systems Are Like The antidote to OS wars - or the cause?
If Operating Systems Ran Airlines More OS jokes
The Dosfish An extinct species? You wish!
Computer lab fun Fun things to do with and around computers
Programming Laws Troutman's Laws of Computer Programs
Computing Fallacies Michi Henning's list
How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot A classic
The Coat Coding Competition I'll get my coat
DOS Upon A Midnight Dreary Dead Operating System
Bill Gates in Heaven A certain nerd discovers computing in the Afterlife.
Hot Off The Tree The "bleeding edge" technology newslist.
Behemoth Steve Roberts and his bicycle loaded with computers
Genesis Release 2.5 In the Beginning...
The Hackers Dictionary A rather old copy.
alt.nerd.supremacy Are we "not geek enough"?
Top Ten Signs You are an Internet Geek If you're reading this here, then it's already too late.
Geek Code How to tell the world you're a geek
Bear Code How to tell the world you're a gay geek
99 Bottles of Beer 227 Computer Beer Styles
Crash Haikus Zen and the art of computer disasters.
Requirements What features must scientific languages have ...
Proof Why Engineers and Scientists will never make as much money as business executives.
The Two Doofases Cached here because the DotGNU copy might be available anymore.

Cows ASCII Art
Slogans Perfect t-shirt material
Predictions How wrong can you be?
Eels and Fossils Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling interviwed by Chris Morris.
A Conversation with Racter Artificial Insanity

Subtitles English subtitles used in films made in Hong Kong
59 reasons 59 reasons why it's better to a mortal than a vampire.
Survival Tips A Horror Movie Character's Survival Guide
One liner jokes One line quips
Light Bulb Jokes A list of jokes about light bulbs
More Light Bulb Jokes The UseNet generation
164 Blond Jokes A list of jokes about blonds
435 Blond Jokes Another list of jokes about blonds
Essex girls jokes Specialised humour local to the UK
Lawyer jokes Jokes about the lowest lifeform on the planet
99 Jokes 99 jokes guaranteed to offend anyone

Capt. Kirk vs Capt. Picard There are two sides to every captain.
Star Trek - The Search for Power Author unknown
LeapTrek Startrek, the next generation meets Quantum Leap
RedTrek TNG meets Red Dwarf
Sequelae 1 A deep analysis of a Babylon 5 episode
In the Shadows of Madness A Lovecraftian Look into the Babylon 5 Universe

Tribute to Nothing and Nobody HOLY TEMPLE of MASS CONSUMPTION Issue #27
HappyNet The HappyNet manifesto
Death Kibo again
Illicit Groundhogs The alt.peeves classic
An Unusual Telephone Service Call Related by Pat Routledge of Winnepeg
Tom Swift That Tom Swift fella.
A Goon episode guide Lists of the Goon Show programs
The 12 Slays of Hellmouth Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Does Santa really exist? How was your Christmas?
Does Santa use Unix? He's coming to town
His story is bunk Certifiably genuine student bloopers
Amazing feats Stunning records
Bastard System Operator Last but not least

"You can never have enough nerdware - or can you?"