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All of these announcements were posted to comp.infosystems.www.announce. There are 6 categories archived here, processed by some Perl code that converted the posts to HTML and fixed a few typos in the URLs.

Many of these links will be dead by now.

Please don't ask me to update any of the information archived here. These are only archived announcements. If the information here is out of date, then find a more recent announcement, or if the information is yours, then post a more accurate announcement. Nobody should assume that anything archived here is still accurate. I've never been responsible for maintaining such details. The messages were simply collected from a news server, archived for a few years, and finally processed by some very crude software to produce the HTML pages you can find here. That's all I did, and I won't be doing it again for a long while.

The archives are currently compressed due to webspace limitations. You'll need to download and unpack them onto a local machine. (You do have one, don't you?)

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